A new era of mobile security  Alpha by RVMP® Flex Security

Providing 24/7/365 surveillance to protect with constant AI vigilance and live agent monitoring

RVMP Flex Security Model Alpha Mobile Security Trailer

Flex Security™ provides round-the-clock surveillance to protect and function as your unwavering eyes and ears, ensuring constant AI vigilance, and additional live agent monitoring.

  • Lighting
    • 360° Lighting + 1300 Feet Range
    • 8 Bright LED Lights
    • w/ AI Motion Detection
  • Flex Security Cloudastructure Alpha mobile security trailerFlex Security Cloudastructure Alpha mobile security trailerData
    • Cloud-Based AI Security
    • Remote Guarding
    • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Surveillance
    • 360° Viewing w/ PTZ Cameras
    • Full Vision Day or Night
    • 24/7/365 Live Agent Monitoring

Stop crime before it happens

880W Solar Power Generation

4 x 220W RVMP Solar® Bi-Directional solar panels

Reflective Graphics

Superior security + intruder awareness

IP65 Waterproof Boxes

w/ recessed lock and steel tube-protected wiring

Adjustable Jacks

Extra wide for stability, adjustable for perfect level

STD AUX Power Generation

RVMP Flex Power® 4000i Generator (not pictured)


Lionshead Tires

400aH Lithium Batteries

2 x 200ah LiFePO4 Flex Power® FORCE™ batteries (not pictured)

2 5/16" Tow and Go Top Mount Coupler

Easily transportable

27’ Mast

Making the security presence known

PTZ Cameras

3 x 1080P 360° pan, tilt, and zoom cameras

Patented LED Lighting w/ Auto-Response

8 flood lights w/ 1300’ range respond upon detection

Protected + Connected

Starlink High-Speed Internet

Horn Speaker

w/ audible responses upon detection

Solar Panel Mast

Target the sun with support + swivel

Charge Controller

RVMP Solar® 40A MPPT Charge Controller (not pictured)

Flex Security Alpha mobile security features

Alpha  Exclusives

Flex Security™ uses the best AI technology by efficiently notifying, accurately identifying threats, adeptly digesting vast amounts of data, and bolstering security measures with advanced intelligence and responsiveness.

Images of the Flex Security™ mobile security trailer - Model Alpha by Flex Security

RVMP Flex Security Alpha product - trailer jacks down solar in transport modeRVMP Flex Security Alpha product - trailer jacks down solar in transport mode

Alpha  Specs

  • Standard Coverage Area350’ x 360°
  • Solar Generation880W
  • Battery Capacity400Ah
  • Warranty3-Year
  • Deployed Dimensions51" (W) x 196" (L) x 324" (H)
  • Weight2000 lbs
  • TowabaleYES
  • # of Cameras3
  • SoftwareAward Winning AI Surveillance Systemcloudastructure
  • Lights1300’ Range w/ 360°
  • NightvisionInfrared Red w/ Flood Lighting
  • PatentsPatented Lighting Technology
  • AUX Power4000W GeneratorRVMP Flex Power® 4000i (Patented Generator)
  • High-Speed InternetStarlink

At Flex Security™, we are not just keeping up with the future of security — we are defining it.

Join us as we pioneer new frontiers in safety and reliability.

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